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High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) resumes cross-provincial long-haul service

This message issued : 2023-03-21 15:29

High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) will provide cross-provincial long-haul train service again from 1 April, marking the full resumption of train service to 66 Mainland destinations*. 

From 23 March, you may purchase tickets through different ticketing channels up to 15 days before departure.

Due to the adjustment of Mainland train services, the following service will only start from 2 April:

To Changshanan Station: G6114

To Shanghai Hongqiao Station: G100

To Tianjinxi: G306

From Guangzhounan Station: G6503 and G6505

From Kumingnan Station: G410/07

Please visit the 12306 website or the App for the latest train schedules and kindly note that there could be further Mainland train service adjustment without prior notice.

You are required to complete the Mainland Health Declaration Online Form before your journey.

Any passenger who has stayed overseas or in Taiwan in the past 7 days must have a negative nucleic acid test result taken within 48 hours of travel. 

Please allow sufficient time to complete immigration formalities.

*Train G100 stopping at Heyuandong Station will be start service from 2 April; Huizhounan and Huidong Stations will be renamed as Huiyang and Huidongnan Stations respectively from 10 April.

Refund arrangements for High Speed Rail tickets

This message issued : 2023-03-03 16:34

Passengers holding unused tickets for trains between Hong Kong and the Mainland from 24 January to 28 February 2020 shall bring along the original tickets or purchase verification, as well as identification documents used for ticket purchase to get ticket refund at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station on or before 11 April 2023.

Passengers who purchased Mainland Domestic Tickets or tickets through the 12306 website please follow the  corresponding ticket refund policy by the Mainland Railway Authority.

Handy tips for buying High Speed Rail tickets

This message issued : 2023-02-02 18:17

1) Consider buying tickets through the 12306 website/app or appointed travel agents

2) If you would like to buy tickets at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station,

   • bring your credit card with paypass function and the original travel documents of ALL travel companions to buy tickets from the self-service ticket vending machines

   • if you want to buy tickets from the ticket counters, a long waiting time can be expected